Friday, March 24, 2017

Time to move on...

Spring is coming (although hard to believe after you see
what's going on outside the window today.
But things are changing, new beginnings and reflections
and goals to look forward too.

I have had this blog for a good long time,
it was fun to share my work and doodles
{plus so much more, travels, life changes and my insane love
for photography}.

But with time, my blog was just not doing it for me anymore.
And you know when something starts to feel like a chore
and not something you enjoy, well its time to
Move On!

As painful as it can get sometimes to move on,
I really have to do this, I need to pull the plug.

I'll keep few of my posts here going for a while,
or at least until I get my new website going.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for
all the great years,
{Tusen Tack}
thank you for your comments,
for sharing your own work and for making the blog
world a heck of a fun place to be.

The art community is just so amazing!

So now, on to new beginnings

All the best to you all, may spring bring you
joy and find you creating and enjoying art
and life.


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