Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Second course and last week of...

I'm getting close to the end of the second course I'm taking,
now less than a week left.
Time has just flown by, cant believe we're yet again in
mid March and spring should be just around the corner.

Well right now it feels like a corner in the distance,
because beginning two weeks ago we received a healthy
load of snow and it looked almost like winter wonderland.
Now this past week it has been back and forth, cold
and slush and then it got warm and now back to cold.

This course I'm taking is
Designing your way, Module 1 through Make it in Design

Learned loads and so hooked on patterns now...
Well I have always loves looking at patterns and different
surface pattern designs, but now I cant walk outside for
a few minutes before I see something.
Everything has something that inspire a design.
All from a plank with rusty nails, seed pods, shadows on
the snow, frozen beauty (like ice above picture), clouds,
stone walls, colours...  Well you get the idea!

Here are some of my patterns I came up with,
all inspired from nature.
Above, the old trees that line roads down south in Sweden.
below the little seed pods/dried flowers of the Sumac shrub.

Below here is my fast growing collection of
paintings and sketches I done for upcoming patterns.
I think I need more wall space!

And below here, yet another design from the Sumac shrub.
This one has two different pieces layered together for
a design, sumac pods and lace
(all hand drawn first and them worked on Photoshop)

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