Monday, February 20, 2017

Make it in Design courses

 For a month I took par of the Winter School program through
Make it in Design, its all online based classes and I took
all three tracks of the Winter School.

Its been a rough winter for me personally, and this course came
at the best time ever, I needed the challenge and excitement.
I needed to get this for me, grow my own art and
push it to whole new levels and possibilities.
Oh, and kick the winter blue's in the ass.

In short
I totally loved it!

If you love art and if you love to spot patterns everywhere you
look, and if you love all the different patterns and designs
you find in fabrics, papers, tea boxes...  Well you name it
and it makes you wonder what your own art would look
like on things, then this course is for you.

Here is some of my mood boards I made for different projects
{these are included with what I made from
what I found inspirational}

I love all how each piece for me started from grounds I made
for backgrounds and just kept adding layers.
Testing different materials, textures and colours

My studio was in a glorious mess
{I can never keep this place clean for long}

Not only did I work on a lot of painting and drawing
but I also got to do my second best thing to do,
walk around, find new ideas and inspiration
and doing photography.
Its amazing what you can do with what you find around you.
The textures, shapes and colour options
are never ending and so full of possibilities for something
new and exiting.
Yep, I had a blast...
And I totally forgot about the Winter Blues.

I guess this course came of course with a problem, one
huge problem.
I'm now seeing even more patterns, textures and shapes
than ever before and I'm so hooked.
Everywhere I go all I can see and I want to see more,
and my brain is always working on "how could I turn that in to
a new pattern or design"

Is that a problem you may ask, Oh heck no!..
Because I love it and I'm happy!

I cant wait for my next Make it in Design course
and it starts today!
I'm taking the Module 1

So here we go!

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