Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Belated New Year...

Wow, 2016 is behind us and now we're almost in
middle of January 2017...

Where did the time go?
Well, for us it totally rushed right by us.

This is our first winter here in Kingston,
lots to get used too and still discovering new things.
Forgot how cold it can get to live close to wide open water,
but I still enjoy it to no end.
And where Kingston is located, our winter weather
sure has its ups and downs.

Downs, it has a lot of damp cold days, and I'm not a fan
of it and neither is my joints...  Oh boy the pain.

Up side! is that it is still beautiful here
and so much to see each time the weather do change
and does it ever here, if its not snowing its ice rain,
then we have frost or it gets warm and all melts. 
Then we have heavy rains and all turns muck...
Or like today, we have lovely fluffy snow coming down
and tomorrow the weather man has promised
a snow storm...  but further in to the week and its getting
warm again. 

Needless to say, never a dull day here
and lots to take pictures of

I haven't done too much painting or drawing wise.
{only a few things}
Made a few Christmas cards, all different and
I'm so kicking my self for only taking pictures of one of them

This one I carved, then printed and painted it,
{inks, acrylic marker and water colours}

Happy New Year's
and I hope you and everyone special in your life
had a lovely and peaceful holiday season.
And all of you had a great start to the new year.

I'm leaving you here this time
with a few more pictures I have taken since winter started.

And May the New Year Bring You
Joy, good health & Peace

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