Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Celebrations and sketching

Its that time of the year again.
Festivals of light

And no matter where and what corners of earth we all
come from or religions we share.
We all do have something in common. 
We all need light
a beacon of hope. joy and warmth.

And during this time of the year,
many of us celebrate just that.
And in my families case, we celebrate
Santa Lucia &
heading towards Winter Solstice
{the darkest day of the year}

With candles in her hair, she sings and brings light.

I know I'm behind schedule when it comes to this years
Christmas and winter paintings and drawings.
{tell you the truth, I have done non}
So early this morning as I sat by candle light,
listening to Swedish Christmas music I did some sketching.
Later it turned in to another sketch {below}...

But sometimes, its the very first try that turns out just right.
I don't like it at all how the second sketch turned out,
not at all and after some water colours splashed on.
Well I liked it even less.
Face too long and her eyes are not right, just Meh!

So the first one {below}
I like just as is.
A quick sketch and just a little bit of colour.
She's Lucia to me, the one who brought us light.

Happy Santa Lucia
Winter Solstice
May the light find you and bring you joy

Here is a bit of our holiday decorations,
and our version of traditional Lucia saffron buns.
Having wheat allergies, we need to improvise.
So GF Saffron Buns it is
{not bad if I may say so my self}

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