Monday, September 5, 2016

New beginnings

 So we have the big move now behind us
and along with it I had to say good bye to my studio
space...  It was not easy, but now I have a new space
that I will work in to my own again.

Worst parts of moving, is when you arrive at the
other end and you have to start fitting all your stuff
in to that new space...  If you can fit it that is!

See that big wall unit on the left?
Well, even if she comes in two pieces, she wont fit
down the stairs to my new space.
O the horror, I seriously don't know what to do.
I love this piece and its amazing for storage.

So, now trying to figure out how to get this
thing down stairs...  If there is a will there is a way!
But before I find that "way" to squeeze it down stairs,
I still have to get floors, a few small walls and new ceiling
in, oh and I have to paint the walls.
Waiting to hear back from contractors and get this work
started and so I can finally move down there.

And finally start making a great fun mess again.
I cant wait to get down to work, paint, print, splash,
draw and cook up new designs and paintings.

But until that gets done, I have had a few moments
to do some small sketches and paintings. 

Our new home town
Kingston, Ontario
is a lovely small city hugging the shores of Lake Ontario

I have seriously moved down to what I call perfection.
We live near large farmers fields, something I truly
enjoyed when we lived in Ottawa.
But now we have the extra thing that I have always wanted,
and that is to live near big wide open water.

These are the two things in life that I love
big water and farmers fields.
I find peace and calm being close to them, yet at the same time
they inspire and energize me.

So did a few small sketches
{cant wait to dig out my canvases and paints}
All done with water colours, graphite and inks
Above is a small rowboat, that one I saw in one of many
marinas here in Kingston.
below it is from Sandbanks Provincial Park in
Prince Edward County.

The couple talking while standing in ankle deep
water (Sandbanks has beautiful fine sand beaches and
you need to walk a fair distance before it goes up to
your waist and you can swim without hitting bottom).

Below here is again is views from one of the marinas
in town.  Sail boats passing by Cedar Island, behind the
tree line is one of the 4 Martello Towers that are
standing along the shores of Kingston.

Hopefully soon, I can crack open all my studio boxes that
are still in the garage *sigh*, and start painting.
But until then, more mini sketches and wandering
about this lovely city and the country sides
around it.  So much to see and do here!

Happy September everyone!


  1. It looks like a truly lovely place you've moved to, I'm sure you'll be very happy there!