Monday, September 12, 2016

Joined a "Paint the Town" event

Last Sunday I joined a "Paint the Town"
event through Kingston school of art.

Just like a sketch crawl there was a good sized group
of artists who took part, and we all spread out to paint
and sketch in the Portsmouth Village area
of Kingston. 

 Here is the houses and a church  I ended up sketching.
The house on the bottom left I painted
in water colours, but don't like the outcome of it.
I got distracted and added a colour where I didn't want it,
so will redo that one and I'm thinking about painting
it in acrylics later {when my studio gets done}.

Below is from the after noon gathering of all the artists
who participated in the event.
Lots of great paintings, sketches and pastels to see.
{mine are the once bellow right}
But what a great group, so welcoming to new artists
and they really put together a great event.

Bellow is the St John's Anglican church,
I sketched that one from top of high metal steps
{great view from up there, but I couldn't stomach going back
down on them, so I had to walk around to find my way back}.
I'm thinking this one will become a painting too.

I'm glad I went to this event, I was really in the need
of meeting other artists and do artsy stuff again. 
Had non of that since way before we moved in mid August,
so it really came at the right time
{I think I was starting to drive Mr B a bit nutters with
all my art chatting... 
Correction, I know I was driving him nuts}.

So now we're approaching mid September, fall will follow
and now I'm less then two weeks from getting my studio.
Cant Wait!
And I'm looking in to see if I'll sign up for some art
courses and workshops.
Many things to chose from, lets see what it will be.

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