Monday, May 21, 2012

My Art on Display and Festivals

We are very lucky here Ottawa, to finally have a true Scandinavian home design store "Truly Swedish Design". And I have been very fortunate to have the pleasure to connect with Annika Ek who's the owner of this store, and she has given me a great opportunity to display my work in her store.  Its located right in the middle of the great Westboro area of Ottawa {west end}, this area is full of tea shops, restaurants and unique shops and boutiques.  The area also has wonderful older and historic buildings and homes with pretty little gardens and parks where you can sit and sip coffee and enjoy the area {or like in my case, sketch}.  Needless to say, one of my very favourite areas of Ottawa and if you ever come to Ottawa, this is one of the many areas of our city you should visit.

My art at Truly Swedish Design Store
I just love Scandinavian design, and I love both traditional and modern styles, but the modern designs have for some reason always been more me.  I like clean and simple lines, unique designs and natural textures and materials {I also like mixing modern with the old}.  And Annika has brought in so many amazing pieces from Scandinavia, beautiful iron work, natural linen table runners and towels, trays, rugs, bags and furniture. 
Two of my paintings
The store is new and this summer Annika will be holding the grand opening to her store {link}
and I offered to design the invitation and she was very happy with it and this is the end result of it.
The grand opening is held during the Westfest {June 8-10, 2012}, its when the main street is closed off to traffic and the street becomes packed with vendors, music, entertainment, food stands and of course lots of people having fun {and hopefully great weather}. 

Its exciting and I have to say, I'm so glad I found this store...   Not only for great things with in it, and for the wonderful opportunity given me to be able to display my work there {Tusen tack}, but also for a great friendship that has grown from this...  And its always fun to be able to speak in my own mother tongue and lord knows I need that {have become a bit rusty with it}.

I will be busy this June, there is the grand opening of Truly Swedish Design, Westfest and then I'm taking part in the annual east end Orleans Arts Studio Tours {my first year to take part} and then of course get ready for the great move {lots of packing} to our new house.  

Here's to June!!!



  1. Wish I could come to the opening! Your art looks wonderful on the walls - congratulations.

  2. Congratulations on your venture!

  3. That's awesome! Congratulations! And your work definitely deserves to be seen!

  4. This is excellent!! Your work fits right in with her concept of design, I think.

    In the "Artists Helping Artists" show, on one episode they suggested finding unique ways to sell art, away from galleries, and one I heard was to display in a furniture store - it's a natural, because people are decorating and need things on their walls too. So you see? You are brilliant!! I think this is going to go really well for you. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your invitation design that will certain attract attention. Your work is lovely and looks perfect among all the white walls and furniture!

  6. What a wonderful looking shop! You definitely deserve to be there! Congratulations!

  7. Your paintings looks great in the shop, I'd like to do some 'shopping' there too!

  8. Congratulations! You work is just perfect for that venue.