Monday, September 12, 2016

Joined a "Paint the Town" event

Last Sunday I joined a "Paint the Town"
event through Kingston school of art.

Just like a sketch crawl there was a good sized group
of artists who took part, and we all spread out to paint
and sketch in the Portsmouth Village area
of Kingston. 

 Here is the houses and a church  I ended up sketching.
The house on the bottom left I painted
in water colours, but don't like the outcome of it.
I got distracted and added a colour where I didn't want it,
so will redo that one and I'm thinking about painting
it in acrylics later {when my studio gets done}.

Below is from the after noon gathering of all the artists
who participated in the event.
Lots of great paintings, sketches and pastels to see.
{mine are the once bellow right}
But what a great group, so welcoming to new artists
and they really put together a great event.

Bellow is the St John's Anglican church,
I sketched that one from top of high metal steps
{great view from up there, but I couldn't stomach going back
down on them, so I had to walk around to find my way back}.
I'm thinking this one will become a painting too.

I'm glad I went to this event, I was really in the need
of meeting other artists and do artsy stuff again. 
Had non of that since way before we moved in mid August,
so it really came at the right time
{I think I was starting to drive Mr B a bit nutters with
all my art chatting... 
Correction, I know I was driving him nuts}.

So now we're approaching mid September, fall will follow
and now I'm less then two weeks from getting my studio.
Cant Wait!
And I'm looking in to see if I'll sign up for some art
courses and workshops.
Many things to chose from, lets see what it will be.

Monday, September 5, 2016

New beginnings

 So we have the big move now behind us
and along with it I had to say good bye to my studio
space...  It was not easy, but now I have a new space
that I will work in to my own again.

Worst parts of moving, is when you arrive at the
other end and you have to start fitting all your stuff
in to that new space...  If you can fit it that is!

See that big wall unit on the left?
Well, even if she comes in two pieces, she wont fit
down the stairs to my new space.
O the horror, I seriously don't know what to do.
I love this piece and its amazing for storage.

So, now trying to figure out how to get this
thing down stairs...  If there is a will there is a way!
But before I find that "way" to squeeze it down stairs,
I still have to get floors, a few small walls and new ceiling
in, oh and I have to paint the walls.
Waiting to hear back from contractors and get this work
started and so I can finally move down there.

And finally start making a great fun mess again.
I cant wait to get down to work, paint, print, splash,
draw and cook up new designs and paintings.

But until that gets done, I have had a few moments
to do some small sketches and paintings. 

Our new home town
Kingston, Ontario
is a lovely small city hugging the shores of Lake Ontario

I have seriously moved down to what I call perfection.
We live near large farmers fields, something I truly
enjoyed when we lived in Ottawa.
But now we have the extra thing that I have always wanted,
and that is to live near big wide open water.

These are the two things in life that I love
big water and farmers fields.
I find peace and calm being close to them, yet at the same time
they inspire and energize me.

So did a few small sketches
{cant wait to dig out my canvases and paints}
All done with water colours, graphite and inks
Above is a small rowboat, that one I saw in one of many
marinas here in Kingston.
below it is from Sandbanks Provincial Park in
Prince Edward County.

The couple talking while standing in ankle deep
water (Sandbanks has beautiful fine sand beaches and
you need to walk a fair distance before it goes up to
your waist and you can swim without hitting bottom).

Below here is again is views from one of the marinas
in town.  Sail boats passing by Cedar Island, behind the
tree line is one of the 4 Martello Towers that are
standing along the shores of Kingston.

Hopefully soon, I can crack open all my studio boxes that
are still in the garage *sigh*, and start painting.
But until then, more mini sketches and wandering
about this lovely city and the country sides
around it.  So much to see and do here!

Happy September everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Found a brilliant art place...

One more post before I start to pack all my paints away
{who knew I got two posts done in one day,
after not been posting for months...}

Going back to some of the time we have spent away.
Between vacation time and packing, we have also been away
few weekends visiting with family and friends.

One weekend we drove to Milton, Ontario,
this is a really lovely little town
and it has a ton of the "Good Old" charm.
We went down to the farmers market and while I was
feasting my eyes on all the yummy locally grown
vegetables, fruits and flowers
and not to mention, honey, jams and well you name it.

I happen to find this great studio/store

Of course I had to go in and check it out.
Well as an artist and huge fan of antiques and locally
made crafts and art, I had just found a great treasure.
The décor in there is so lovely, love the light walls
and dark hardwood floors.
And something interesting and or pretty to look
at in every nook and cranny.  

And I had the pleasure to meet Lena White
who is the owner of Muse Studio

And I found paint
Well, Say No More!

Of course I had to check them out and get a few cans,
{love how the paint samples are done}

its a chalk like paint and something I just have to try.
Now I cant wait to finally move in to our new house,
and then start to paint.

I wish I could have bought more,
but most remember that we're after all moving
and my car can only have so much in it...

This is what I got and my plan is to finally
tackle two old large gilded frames I rescued
 two years back.  I want to make them in to 
inspiration boards and these two colours are perfect.
I'm glad I got this post in before I have to
pack all my paints away,
just had to share with you this great place.

Wishing all of you
Happy Summer
Happy messy painting,
and I see you after I finally unpack
and settle in to our new place.



Changing times ahead

 I know, I know...  
I haven't posted in a very long time.
First summer arrived and we were taking
early vacation time this year.
All because we're undergoing some
big changes, we're moving this summer.

Yes we'll be moving to a whole new city
and on top of it we'll be empty nesters.

Its a new chapter in our life,
so its both exciting and a bit scary.

For our vacation this year, we went again
on long car rides so we could discover
new places in this beautiful province
of Ontario.
And along with it we visited familiar
places, like Niagara Glen where
we went hiking.
{1st picture above, is rocks I collected
from the beach in Rock Point P.P,
ton of lovely fossils to find there.
2nd picture is a small water colour
sketch I did during our hike}.

I haven't had much time at all to draw or paint.
But most of my time has been rather messy,
ton of cleaning, sorting and packing.
Especially in my studio, because I have to transport
all my paints and solvents on my own.
Its a lot of work, who knew I had so much stuff.
But slowly it is all coming along...
I think, ha, ha!

Here is however a small painting
I put together, started out as a small colour
test but ended up as a painting of
all the places we have visited in Ont.
Beaches and lakes where we have spent time,
swam, canoed, walked and hiked.

Any hoo, but now back home
and back to packing and slowly
moving on to our next home.
It will be hard to leave this house and
not to mention my studio space.
I have been more than lucky to have had
this place called my very own, spent
hours and hours making super messes
in there, created lots of new ideas and
learned about new techniques
and new materials.
A lot of great memories.

So it will be hard to leave,
but also exciting as I will be having
a new fantastic space for my new studio.
I'm looking forward to
share with you my new space and
it all will grow with time.
I will also start new projects for this fall,
so there is lots to come.

But until next time, I hope you have a
fantastic summer so far
{winter for some of you}
I hope all of you have enjoyed and will
enjoy lots of great art moments, collecting
ton of new ideas and inspiration.
And hopefully get a chance for
some good R & R.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fun with colours and mixes

 Paintings done on black paper boards
that I had previously printed on with acrylics.

I used acrylics, gold ink, water colour crayons
to add more textures and colours to the boards.
Dots and blotches, some mixed and some not.
Tried mighty hard not getting to picky with where
everything went.
When it all dried, I sketch a few shapes, seed pods
and lines with a graphite pencil.
And then I started with painting with a soft white
I diluted the first two layers as I still wanted to
see hints of the colours underneath.

I did this in four layers and as you can see some areas
I left with just two layers, all this to add a bit of depth
and shading.

I love how this golden and yellow toned one turned out.
So I just had to work on another board, and this time
I used different pastel and brighter colours.

 I really like how this one also turned out.
I doing this again for sure!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Testing colours and papers

I have been having limited time to really sit down and paint,
but when I do I take that time to do small sketches
and paintings.  And a lot of it is testing new paints,
inks and water colours and papers.
While testing new paints, inks and more,
I'm also trying to get a few new patterns going.
And I would like to give Pinks a go again
{if you have seen most of my work, I was not a huge user
of pinks and pastels...  But now I love them}

O dear, this picture below was for some reason
hard to capture right, but here is the list of
the supplies you see.
The papers you see are
left                    middle                     right
brown cardstock     sketch paper     Canal paper
                                                         Grey cotton
the inks and water colours
{from top to bottom}
1, Daniel Smith WC "Shadow Violet"
2, Daler Rowney FW, acrylic ink "Cool grey"
3, Ecoline ink 100 "White"
4, Garan D'ache Neocolor WC crayon 005 grey
5, Holbein artistic WC 153 "grey of grey"

I painted with water colours on
hot pressed water colour paper.
The little white details are in inks and also
done with a Sharpie water based paint marker.
the grey lines on the pink vase are done with
the Garon D'ache WC crayon

The one colour that I found very interesting
of all of them, is the Daniel Smith WC
"Shadow Violet"
It has an amazing way to change shades and colours
all depending how thick you apply it
and what surface you put it on.
On white paper it can have the most delicate
pinks and blues texture to it (if done light)
On the Canal Grey Cotton paper it turns
yummy dark chocolate like brown with
hints of reds and deep blues.
I find this paint is almost like Forest Gump's
box of sweets "Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you're gonna get" 
Its fun, interesting and sweet!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snow Day projects...

March has arrived like a Lion,
lets see if it will leave like a Lamb...
We have received a good amount of snow
for the past few months, at least enough that
more time has been spent inside and that time has
been spent doing small repairs around the house.
And then when ever I get time to spend "me time"
I paint, test some new art supplies...
In this case new inks I bought out of curiosity
{made in France}
I bought two colours
Turquoise & Gold
The Turquoise is thicker than the normal
acrylic ink I'm used to work with.
But it covers nicely, but you can also dilute it
with airbrush medium.
the Gold one I find less thick and its lovely
to add either on top of other colours or
mix it in too, or brush on its own.
I diluted it with water and it gives then a
slight shimmer.
{both inks are used in the bottom half
of these two pages below and above}
And below here I used the Turquoise on its own
as the background and parts of her dress.
This is
Queen Anne
the story behind the Queen Anne Lace Flower
 The rest is
water colours and acrylic ink
I hope non of you're snowed in but
rather out and about or inside
creating and painting up a storm.
Happy March everyone!