Friday, January 13, 2017

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Belated New Year...

Wow, 2016 is behind us and now we're almost in
middle of January 2017...

Where did the time go?
Well, for us it totally rushed right by us.

This is our first winter here in Kingston,
lots to get used too and still discovering new things.
Forgot how cold it can get to live close to wide open water,
but I still enjoy it to no end.
And where Kingston is located, our winter weather
sure has its ups and downs.

Downs, it has a lot of damp cold days, and I'm not a fan
of it and neither is my joints...  Oh boy the pain.

Up side! is that it is still beautiful here
and so much to see each time the weather do change
and does it ever here, if its not snowing its ice rain,
then we have frost or it gets warm and all melts. 
Then we have heavy rains and all turns muck...
Or like today, we have lovely fluffy snow coming down
and tomorrow the weather man has promised
a snow storm...  but further in to the week and its getting
warm again. 

Needless to say, never a dull day here
and lots to take pictures of

I haven't done too much painting or drawing wise.
{only a few things}
Made a few Christmas cards, all different and
I'm so kicking my self for only taking pictures of one of them

This one I carved, then printed and painted it,
{inks, acrylic marker and water colours}

Happy New Year's
and I hope you and everyone special in your life
had a lovely and peaceful holiday season.
And all of you had a great start to the new year.

I'm leaving you here this time
with a few more pictures I have taken since winter started.

And May the New Year Bring You
Joy, good health & Peace

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Celebrations and sketching

Its that time of the year again.
Festivals of light

And no matter where and what corners of earth we all
come from or religions we share.
We all do have something in common. 
We all need light
a beacon of hope. joy and warmth.

And during this time of the year,
many of us celebrate just that.
And in my families case, we celebrate
Santa Lucia &
heading towards Winter Solstice
{the darkest day of the year}

With candles in her hair, she sings and brings light.

I know I'm behind schedule when it comes to this years
Christmas and winter paintings and drawings.
{tell you the truth, I have done non}
So early this morning as I sat by candle light,
listening to Swedish Christmas music I did some sketching.
Later it turned in to another sketch {below}...

But sometimes, its the very first try that turns out just right.
I don't like it at all how the second sketch turned out,
not at all and after some water colours splashed on.
Well I liked it even less.
Face too long and her eyes are not right, just Meh!

So the first one {below}
I like just as is.
A quick sketch and just a little bit of colour.
She's Lucia to me, the one who brought us light.

Happy Santa Lucia
Winter Solstice
May the light find you and bring you joy

Here is a bit of our holiday decorations,
and our version of traditional Lucia saffron buns.
Having wheat allergies, we need to improvise.
So GF Saffron Buns it is
{not bad if I may say so my self}

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Art Show

Last September I took part in the "Paint the Town"
event that was held by Kingston School of Art
{the event was organized by Rebecca & Barbara}

It was a really lovely day and weather was perfect
for walking around the Portsmouth Village area.
Lots of beautiful and interesting old historical buildings.

I did a lot of sketching and one small water colour painting
{seen below}
The painting above I did from my sketches later at home.
Two of my pieces from that event I entered to
the "Paint the Town" exhibition.

 "The Little House"
{water colours and ink}
Sorry lousy shot of it...

During December 4 to 18 the work that was done
during this event is hanging on display at the
Its a really lovely little and bright gallery
and the "Paint the Town" exhibition looks fantastic.

The vernissage was held on the 4 of December
Rebecca and Barbara did a great job organizing the
reception and there was a good turnout of viewers
and fellow artists.

When I arrived to the vernissage
I found out that the "Little House" painting had sold.
And later I won a award for the "The Church" painting.
{did a little happy dance afterwards}

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm back in business...

 Hello everyone!
I'm finally back in the swing of things...

Long story short
This past August my husband and I moved to
the lovely city of Kingston, Ontario
{the city is hugging the shores of Lake Ontario}

With the move of course came finding a new home for us,
and after viewing 19 homes we finally found the one
to call home.

And of course no house is perfect
and the one we finally picked needed a bit of work.

The whole main living space was fine and only needed
us to move our stuff in and start living,
But my space, which ended being in the basement,
needed some work so it could function as a studio.

Found a great contractor {Steve and his crew}
and he knew just what I needed
{okay so I had a wish list mile long}

The area for my studio is half of the basement space,
a good 34 feet long {like a bowling alley} and 11 feet wide.
It houses the furnace and other cool gadgets I have no idea
what they are called.
There was exposed vents, wires galore and pipes in the
ceiling and nice cold concreate floors.

 Tape on the floor was from when I needed
to show Steve where I was visioning my work spaces
{a few things changed as the work came along}

Me doing a happy dance!
Yes, seeing the work and how things started to take shape
really made it exciting.

A wall separating the now furnace room,
and one door way was blocked off {behind it is now
the guest bedroom}.
Vents covered, new ceiling, white walls, flooring
and lighting...  The room was really coming alive.

For being such a long and narrow space, it sure looks
fantastic now, more space and airy.

And then all my old stuff moved in
or almost all my stuff, sadly my big wall unit from my
old studio cant fit down the stairs or through the windows
{oh sniff, snort... sigh}

So sad, but I had to find storage solution for all my
books, supplies and collections
Sourced around and searched high and low for a good piece
to hold all my stuff, but found nothing.
So then I had to use a bit more imagination
and I ended up getting old barn boards for shelving
and trestles as legs for the main top.
A few bits and bobs from Ikea and hard ware stores
and I now have new wall unit like thing
{hard to see here, but will post more pics later} 

I'm still toying with if I should paint the wall unit and
the big old table white or not.
I want to keep this space as light as possible
and especially during all the winter months.

In this space I have now house and display
my books and "stuff" plus store supplies.
The island where I do printing and some painting
{it also stores more supplies},
The big table and seating where I paint and draw
and at times have friends over to create with.

And a desk area where I try to work on the computer, taking
online classes and doing some other drawings
{and at times some sewing when needed}

The windows in studio are facing out back and to the ravine,
absolutely love the view from here with all the trees
and ton of birds and other wild life out there.
Down below our house is the river that connects with
Lake Ontario, now we can see the lake because all the leaves
have fallen down...  I love living close to water.

There are a few things that still needs fixing,
like my area where I store all paintings
and new canvases.
For now, the old dresser will have to do.

Oh and here is my spot where
I can stand and paint.
A few things hanging up so I can see what I have
or are working on...  And my new addition to the
colourblob crew, Hilda!
She's a super funny and cheeky Viking gal
that one of my dear friends gave me for my 50th
{but I'm still 32, just wish my body got that memo}

Hilda likes to hang around the flower pots
and keeping an eye on things. 

Any hooo!
So that's my news from my new space, home
and town.
I have only been doing a few small art projects
{more will come about that shortly}
between renovations and exploring this
great place...  And of course spending
as much time as I could by the water.
Sketching, doing photography and walking tons
with my sidekick Charlie.

So now I'm back!
Back to painting and creating
and of course making new great messes

A huge thank you to Steve and his great crew
{Jessica and Matt}
You guys really made this a dream place come to alive.

And biggest thank you
go to Mr B
Thank you baby for humouring my
crazy artistic visions and creations.
And more so for supporting me and 
the art paths I want to explore, love you!  

so now on to next adventure and
Happy December to all of you

Monday, September 12, 2016

Joined a "Paint the Town" event

Last Sunday I joined a "Paint the Town"
event through Kingston school of art.

Just like a sketch crawl there was a good sized group
of artists who took part, and we all spread out to paint
and sketch in the Portsmouth Village area
of Kingston. 

 Here is the houses and a church  I ended up sketching.
The house on the bottom left I painted
in water colours, but don't like the outcome of it.
I got distracted and added a colour where I didn't want it,
so will redo that one and I'm thinking about painting
it in acrylics later {when my studio gets done}.

Below is from the after noon gathering of all the artists
who participated in the event.
Lots of great paintings, sketches and pastels to see.
{mine are the once bellow right}
But what a great group, so welcoming to new artists
and they really put together a great event.

Bellow is the St John's Anglican church,
I sketched that one from top of high metal steps
{great view from up there, but I couldn't stomach going back
down on them, so I had to walk around to find my way back}.
I'm thinking this one will become a painting too.

I'm glad I went to this event, I was really in the need
of meeting other artists and do artsy stuff again. 
Had non of that since way before we moved in mid August,
so it really came at the right time
{I think I was starting to drive Mr B a bit nutters with
all my art chatting... 
Correction, I know I was driving him nuts}.

So now we're approaching mid September, fall will follow
and now I'm less then two weeks from getting my studio.
Cant Wait!
And I'm looking in to see if I'll sign up for some art
courses and workshops.
Many things to chose from, lets see what it will be.

Monday, September 5, 2016

New beginnings

 So we have the big move now behind us
and along with it I had to say good bye to my studio
space...  It was not easy, but now I have a new space
that I will work in to my own again.

Worst parts of moving, is when you arrive at the
other end and you have to start fitting all your stuff
in to that new space...  If you can fit it that is!

See that big wall unit on the left?
Well, even if she comes in two pieces, she wont fit
down the stairs to my new space.
O the horror, I seriously don't know what to do.
I love this piece and its amazing for storage.

So, now trying to figure out how to get this
thing down stairs...  If there is a will there is a way!
But before I find that "way" to squeeze it down stairs,
I still have to get floors, a few small walls and new ceiling
in, oh and I have to paint the walls.
Waiting to hear back from contractors and get this work
started and so I can finally move down there.

And finally start making a great fun mess again.
I cant wait to get down to work, paint, print, splash,
draw and cook up new designs and paintings.

But until that gets done, I have had a few moments
to do some small sketches and paintings. 

Our new home town
Kingston, Ontario
is a lovely small city hugging the shores of Lake Ontario

I have seriously moved down to what I call perfection.
We live near large farmers fields, something I truly
enjoyed when we lived in Ottawa.
But now we have the extra thing that I have always wanted,
and that is to live near big wide open water.

These are the two things in life that I love
big water and farmers fields.
I find peace and calm being close to them, yet at the same time
they inspire and energize me.

So did a few small sketches
{cant wait to dig out my canvases and paints}
All done with water colours, graphite and inks
Above is a small rowboat, that one I saw in one of many
marinas here in Kingston.
below it is from Sandbanks Provincial Park in
Prince Edward County.

The couple talking while standing in ankle deep
water (Sandbanks has beautiful fine sand beaches and
you need to walk a fair distance before it goes up to
your waist and you can swim without hitting bottom).

Below here is again is views from one of the marinas
in town.  Sail boats passing by Cedar Island, behind the
tree line is one of the 4 Martello Towers that are
standing along the shores of Kingston.

Hopefully soon, I can crack open all my studio boxes that
are still in the garage *sigh*, and start painting.
But until then, more mini sketches and wandering
about this lovely city and the country sides
around it.  So much to see and do here!

Happy September everyone!